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                                                                   This practical, easy-to-use guide, named to
                                                                   Doody�s Core Titles 2013, addresses
                                                                   interference issues in all laboratory tests,
                                                                   including patient epigenetics, process of
                                                                   specimen collection, enzymes, biomarkers.
                                                                   Clinicians and laboratory scientists can
                                                                   therefore rely on one reference which
                                                                   speaks to both their needs of accurate
                                                                   specimen analysis and optimal patient care.
                                                                   Erroneous hospital and pathology laboratory
                                                                   results can be confusing and problematic,
                                                                   especially in acute care situations. While
                                                                   some factors creating interference, can be
                                                                   identified in the laboratory, detecting many
                                                                   others is often dependent on clinical details
                                                                   unavailable to the laboratory scientists or
                                                                   pathologists. Therefore, clinicians must
                                                                   become proficient in identifying such
                                                                   erroneous reports, and working with
                                                                   pathologists and laboratory scientists so that
                                                                   they can understand the source of such
                                                                   interferences, correct the results, and then
                                                                   decide what course of action must be
                Accurate Results in the Clinical Laboratory: A     followed for proper patient management.
                Guide to Error Detection and Correction                Named to Doody�s Core Titles 2013, a
                by Amitava Dasgupta; Jorge                             collection development tool for health
                L. Sepulveda MD PhD                                    sciences libraries of all sizes, by Doody
                Publisher: Elsevier, 2013                              Enterprises
                Edition: Hardcover                                     Practical information for both clinicians
                ISBN is 9780124157835                                  and laboratory scientists, presented in
                                                                       the form of tables and charts for easy
                                                                       Focus on range and sources of
                                                                       interferences rather than details of
                                                                       toxicologic mechanisms which are well
                                                                       covered in toxicology textbooks Covers
                                                                       interferences across endocrine,
                                                                       oncology, hematology,
                                                                       immunohistochemistry, immunology,
                                                                       serology, microbiology, and molecular

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